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Ashley Minns

Home Cook

Hey there and welcome! I’m not sure how you found your way here, but I do hope you’ll stay a while. I started this blog as an outlet for my one true passion. Food, Glorious Food!


The way I approach food and the way I approach everything else in life, is quite similar. I do extensive research, sometimes for months (or years in the case of my coffee tumbler), until I find exactly what’s right for me. I need to make sure it’s worth it. So any time I have a new idea for something to cook, I research 5 top-rated recipes. I read all of their ingredients and quantities, then I read the instructions over a couple times to map out the route I need to take from raw ingredients to finished product. If I'm not 100% convinced of the method, I like to read the comments to see what people had to say about the recipe and read about how or why they did things differently. From there, I pick the method that I think will be the most successful and that makes the most sense to me. I then mish-mash the ingredients from all the recipes to cater to my own likes and dislikes.


What I’ve learned is that as long as you have a general understanding of how something works, you can sort of wing the rest. I also know that not everyone works that way! Which is why I started this site. I know the food that I cook is delicious and I want to make sure you can enjoy it just the same as I do. Every recipe you see on here has been made time and time again, ensuring its success, so that when you go to attempt it, you’ll know you’ll be getting a great final product. 


Along with this site, I have my Instagram page (@ashley.minns) that features all of my recipes as stories, highlights and/or posts and my YouTube page which features all of the story highlights as YouTube videos. Together, this trifecta of various medias create 3 different ways to access all of my recipes and 3 different ways to reach out with any questions or tips for me!


Having said all of that, I encourage you to add your own twists to these recipes as well! Cooking is a forever learning process and I hope you’ll learn with me.


Peace and Blessings,


Ashley Minns

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