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Busiate Al Pesto Genovese

If you’ve been following me long enough you will know that pasta is my number one favourite food. So it shouldn’t surprise you to know that I will drive to downtown Toronto on any weekday to visit Pasta’s royal family, Famiglia Baldassarre. Everything they make is top notch and they are the ones that inspired this dish today. I don’t know their exact recipe, but I used common sense and mouth memory and combined my pesto recipe with small diced potatoes and green beans. I also went ahead and made some fresh pasta for the occasion. If I want to emulate the greats, I have to pretend I am one. Fresh Pasta only. So, here you have it- Busiate Al Pesto Genovese. Your new favourite pesto based pasta.


80 grams Basil

50 grams Parmigiano- Reggiano

50 grams Pine Nuts

3 cloves Garlic

¾ cup Olive Oil (the good kind)


2 Yukon Gold Potatoes

12-16 Green Beans


I won’t take you through how to make pasta in this recipe. You can find my favourite pasta recipe and method HERE.

To begin, lightly toast your pine nuts in a pan. You don’t want to darken them too much. If you do- they’ll just make your pesto taste burnt. It’s a fine line! In a food processor, combine your basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, garlic and toasted pine nuts. In a very slow steady stream, add your olive oil. You need to go slowly to ensure the pesto is emulsifying the whole time. If you don’t, it will separate and you won’t like that. This should come together in just a couple of minutes And that’s pesto! Could not be easier.

Peel and dice your potatoes. I like to cut them into small, bit-sized cubes. Bring them to a boil and continue boiling for about 15 minutes.

Bring your pasta water to a boil salt well and cook your pasta per package instructions. If you’re making homemade pasta, it should only take about 4 minutes to cook.

In the last minute of pasta boiling, add your green beans.

Reserve some pasta water, drain your pasta/ green beans and put it back into the pot with your potatoes. Spoon on as much or as little pesto as your would like and combine.

Serve with additional Parmigiano-Reggiano and enjoy!!!


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