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I’m going to take you through a very easy way to make gravy for any type of meal. When preparing for a large holiday meal, I will make the gravy as soon as the turkey, chicken, beef roast etc., is out of the oven so I can use the juices while they are still warm. It comes together easier when the liquid is warm. Since I’m making the gravy well before the meal, I always make sure I have a large thermos on hand to put the gravy in to keep it piping hot until I’m ready to serve. It will truly keep it piping hot!


½ cup Butter

¼ cup Flour

1 ½ cups Stock or Drippings

Salt & Pepper, to taste


Start by melting your butter in a saucepan. Once melted, add your flour and whisk to combine. You want to cook this for about a minute to ensure that the flavour of the flour cooks off. Once your flour is cooked, begin adding your liquid while whisking constantly. If will get very thick at first, but as you add more liquid, it will become a nice sauce. If it’s too thick, add some more stock or even wine. If it’s too thin, continue cooking until it thickens. Once it’s at the right consistency, give it a taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary!

Gravy is that easy to make.

This recipe allows for many substitutions and I’ll take you through them below.

Most poultry will come with the neck and giblets inside of the cavity when you buy it. I never discard these. I keep them and make some additional stock while the turkey cooks. This is super easy. Add these items to a pot, fill with water and season with salt, a bay leaf and whatever fresh herbs you’re using to season your meat. Let it boil for a few hours and there you have some quick stock! Making this is just an insurance policy in the event you don’t have enough drippings but still want the flavour!

Sometimes I need to prepare a gluten free version of this if I have my GF angel friend over. In that case, I will use cornstarch instead of flour. I find this congeals a lot faster than the flour version, but the flavour is still the same!

For the liquid- I try to use the drippings of whatever meat I just made. That could be turkey, chicken or a beef roast. Sometimes it isn’t enough and you need to supplement with some stock or even wine. If you’re using poultry drippings, always go for a poultry based stock and white wine. For beef drippings, always go for beef stock and red wine.

Those are all the rules of gravy!


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