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Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

If you would have asked me 3 weeks ago what my thoughts on rhubarb were, you would have been met with serious disdain. I thought I hated rhubarb. Turns out, I just had a very terrible rhubarb pie at some point in my childhood, because my goodness is rhubarb ever delicious. Since my discovery, I have made this crumble 3 times and have started making up for lost times. One of those 3 times was a 100% rhubarb crumble! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?! Anyways, if you love rhubarb (and especially if you don’t), this recipe is for you. Rhubarb, I’m sorry and I love you.



½ lemon’s juice

4 cups rhubarb

2 cups strawberries

1 cup sugar

¼ cup flour

1 tsp. cinnamon


½ cup rolled oats

½ cup flour

1 cup brown sugar

½ cup butter (cold and grated)


Dice your strawberries and rhubarb into bite sized pieces. Ina bowl. Combine your strawberries, rhubarb, sugar, flour, lemon juice and cinnamon.

In another bowl, combine the rolled oats, flour, brown sugar and butter. I like to grate cold butter and work it in so that it slowly melts in the oven and there’s little buttery chunks. Having said that, you could also melt the butter in and forget about it.

Fill an oven-proof dish with your strawberry/ rhubarb mixture and top with your crumble.

If you’re baking a full sized crumble, bake at 375℉ for 35 minutes. If you’re baking personal sized crumbles in ramekins, bake for 15 minutes.

Serve with ice cream hot out of the oven.

Note: same recipe applies if you just do rhubarb, all you need to do is double the rhubarb!


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