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Cottage Eggs

This recipe has been with me since I was a kid having sleepovers at my grandmas. As I’m sure you know by now, my grandma’s are wizards in the kitchen. When I was younger, I used to try and make this myself, using butter or oil to start the process and was so confused as to why mine was always so greasy and my Mama’s were perfect. Once I figured it out, it changed my world. No oil or butter, just the rendered fat from the bacon. BUT, OF COURSE!! Since then, this has become a staple at, you guessed it, cottage weekends. Eat this as a bagel sandwich with hot sauce and mayo or on it’s own as fancy scrambled eggs with a side of toast. Nothing revives a crew of 16 from the dead centre of a hangover better than cottage eggs. COTTAGE EGGS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!


1 Onion

2 cloves of Garlic

1 Bell Pepper

6 Mushrooms

6 slices of Bacon

4 Eggs


Fry your bacon in a pan until it reaches your desired level of crispiness. Why, you ask? *everyone in unison* Because bacon stops cooking as soon as you add a new ingredient.

Once the bacon is done, add you onions and garlic and cook them until they’re translucent and starting to JUST brown on the edges.

Next add your peppers. Cook until soft and JUST brown on the edges.

Finally, add your mushrooms. These only take a few minutes to cook and they soak in all the extra juices from your veggie mix. YUMMMM.

Before I add my scrambled eggs in, I like to take some of the veggie mix out and eat it on it’s own. It’s SO DANG GOOD and should be praised as an individual, not just as a sidekick to some scrambled eggs.

Now, add your eggs to the frying pan and mix mix mix until all your veggies are combined into your eggs. Serve with or on toast!

A couple notes about this recipe:

I don’t add any salt at all because the bacon is already so salty. I recommend you taste your finished veggie mix before deciding if you want to add salt in.

I don't really like omelettes (or maybe I haven't learned how to cook them right) but I always find the inside too wet and the outside too dry. If you're an omelette expert, I recommend you try this recipe as an omelette and let me know your tricks!

For vegetarians: you can always accommodate this by simply omitting the bacon and frying the veggies in butter instead.

Secret Time: I sometimes just crack eggs right into the frying pan and mix them until they scramble instead of whisking the eggs before adding them in. Final Result? They taste the same.

Apologies for the 'meh' photo, eggs aren't exactly the sexiest on camera.


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